Dunyo Ltd. (Uzbekistan)

Dunyo, registered in Uzbekistan in 1991, is a wholly owned subsidiary of InterConcepts Incorporated (USA). Its charter authorizes Dunyo to conduct a wide range of commercial activities in the Uzbekistan domestic market. In 2003 DP(subsidiary) Dunyo was reorganized as a limited liability company MChJ Dunyo aka OOO Dunyo.

Bank:"UzPromstroyBank" Tashkent City Mirabad Branch of Uzbek Joint Stock Commercial Industrial Construction Bank 3, Shakhrisabz Street, Tashkent, 100000,

Account # 20208000800150683001 Code 00405


Management: General Director: Sanjar S. Nasyrov  mailto:sanjar@interconcepts.com

Chief Bookkeeper: Oksana V. Zhurakovskaya

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